Meet Dr. Berkowitz

sports injury specialist dr. berkowitz After joining the AOSMI staff in 2007 with 16 years of experience in the field of orthopedic medicine, Dr. Gregg Berkowitz now serves as Vice President of AOSMI and the Director of AOSMI’s Center for Cartilage Restoration of New Jersey. His passion for sports injury, trauma and cartilage regeneration fuels his drive to stay on top of the latest advances in treatment and care.

Dr. Berkowitz has been board certified since his start at AOSMI, but recently passed re-certification exams. His specialties include sports medicine, total joint arthoplasty, and trauma and fracture care. Ever since completing his medical residency in New York, his mission has been to deliver outstanding care using the latest techniques in cartilage restoration and repair. The average American has a vague understanding of the purpose cartilage serves but cannot connect the dots between persistent pain and cartilage problems. Dr. Berkowitz is committed to changing that. He wants to use his expertise to treat patients, educate the general public and ensure everyone achieves the quality of life they deserve.

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