Inside Shoulder Treatment and Surgery Options at AOSMI

shoulder-joint-replacementShoulder injuries are some of the most common reasons patients seek out help from orthopedic specialists. Many shoulder injuries seem to appear without an apparent cause: many patients report shoulder pain without being able to recall a specific traumatic event or injury. At AOSMI, our team includes a number of experts in shoulder therapy and treatment, joint replacement, and shoulder arthroscopy surgery. This wide range of available options means that any shoulder issue, from discomfort and minor inconvenience to a mobility-compromising condition, will receive the best available treatment at AOSMI from the most talented staff in the field.

Two of the most common shoulder surgeries performed by AOSMI professionals are rotator cuff repair and labral tear repair. The rotator cuff is the primary structure responsible for lifting the arm above the head for overhead activity. Damage to the rotator cuff can inhibit the entire arm’s function and does not typically heal on its own. Thankfully, rotator cuff surgery to correct the damage has a high success rate and regularly restores athletes and everyday people to full mobility. Another common shoulder condition treated by surgery is labral tears. A tear in the labrum, which encircles the shoulder joint and provides additional stability, can cause pain and difficulty with tasks like reaching out the arm and throwing handheld objects. As with rotator cuff repair surgery, labral tear surgeries are frequently successful in treating damage that would not otherwise naturally heal.