Cartilage Restoration: The Modern Joint Pain Solution

New Jersey Orthopedic Surgeons and Joint Surgery
Joint pain is not only a common condition in the United States: it can also be a serious hindrance in athletic activity as well as everyday life. An estimated two million Americans experience joint pain associated with cartilage injuries each year. Cartilage injuries can be debilitating; historically, standard surgical options have only offered limited and temporary relief. Only the most modern methods can restore cartilage optimally and minimize pain and discomfort for patients from all walks of life. To ensure every patient experiencing joint pain can consider cartilage restoration options, Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute founded the Cartilage Restoration Center of New Jersey. The focused team working within this specialized unit is dedicated to providing the most appropriate orthopedic surgery techniques to the widest range of patients.

Cartilage restoration services from AOSMI focus on the knee, ankle, and shoulder, but can also address issues elsewhere in the body. Whether a patient’s cartilage injury is caused by trauma like a direct impact, a ligament injury disrupting the stability of a joint, or poor alignment in the joints putting excessive pressure on the cartilage, the team of orthopedic specialists at AOSMI can carry out an appropriate procedure. Find out more about cartilage restoration with our practice’s online resources or contact one of our professionals to start a conversation.