Are My Knuckles Bruised?

As far as durable bones go in the hand, the knuckles are by far the most resilient, but even the strongest of knuckles are susceptible to bruising. There are 27 bones, and 29 joints in the human hand, but how can you tell if you’ve bruised any of these?

Have you ever suffered a direct hit to your hand? Accidentally walking by a table and smacking it with your hand? A fracture or bruise can occur when you incur a direct hit against a hard surface. Bruised knuckles are common injuries we see as orthopedic sports medicine professionals and are most frequently found in people who participate in mixed martial arts, boxing, and baseball activities. But anyone can bruise a knuckle. Below are the symptoms to look for if you think you may have bruised your knuckles:

  • Sharp pain after impact
  • Trouble making a fist
  • Painful movement when opening and extending hand
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness after impact

Like all other injuries, the best route to decipher if your knuckles are bruised is to see a qualified orthopedic specialist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. A splint may be issued to keep the knuckle in a proper position during the healing process. Anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed; there are also natural anti-inflammatories that can be ingested, such as turmeric and curcumin supplements and teas.

If you feel like you have a bruised knuckle, it is suggested that you immediately visit an orthopedic specialist to treat injuries and enhance recovery.