Karen M

berk-testimonial_karenm-1 I would like to thank Dr. Dan and all the nursing staff for your kindness and for the quality of nursing I received whilst in Centra State. I could have hoped for a better hospital to find myself in. My orthopedic specialist here, Dr. Jeff Peereboom was very impressed with the excellent work Dr. Gregg Berkowitz did on my ankle so could you please send him my regards and special thanks you also could say special hello to Dr. Dan from my granddaughter Shelly and let him know that the weekend after we got home she did a cheer competition at the Gold Coast and were overall Grand Champion. Thanking you all again for everything.

Karen M (with the broken ankle)

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Dear Greg,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent care over the better part of this past year! When I was first tentatively diagnosed by Jim in December of 2009 and then underwent three unsuccessful Epidural Injections, I realized I would need surgery but the prospect of it was daunting for me. As I’m sure I explained to you I had a very extensive and intensive athletic past. I had played quite a bit of football and baseball and in the most recent past I had completed 18 marathons, the last one in January 2008.

Although you assured me that the surgery would help me regain much of that I had lost, I couldn’t help but be somewhat skeptical. During the long and sometimes frustrating post-surgical months, I sometimes wondered if I’d ever feel better. Then slowly but surely I started to show improvement.

When we spoke last month in your office and you encouraged me to resume my previous activity, including running, I was thrilled but still somewhat uncertain.

Let me report the following: the PT you prescribed for Core Strengthening is working out better than I ever expected! Ms Debra Keating of Crest Physical Therapy is doing a great job! Also, I can walk and run with no back pain. In fact on Saturday I ran 3 “wonderful” miles in the rain and 4.5 on this past beautiful Sunday. I iced afterwards and suffered no adverse affects the following mornings! Right now, I can happily report that my running has not been this comfortable since a good while before my problems started in the late ‘09, in fact probably not since before Jim repaired my ruptured quad tendon in March ‘09! At one point on Sunday, when I was about 4 miles in to my 4.5 mile run, I said to myself: “I’m a runner again!” Of course listening to Springsteen’s “The Promise” on my Ipod helped my mood also! Bruce and I are both 61 so I use his music quite often for inspiration. In fact, my pre-marathon ritual has always been to listen to his “Born To Run”!

On Sunday, on my Facebook Page I posted the following to my friends: “Ran three miles yesterday and four and a half today. I might add that my surgeon encouraged me to get back to it as long as there was no pain. Thank you , Dr. Goldberg, for giving me back a very important part of my life!”

That is the truth…thank you for that and for helping me to return to an enjoyment of my life that had been missing since before you treated me. In all seriousness, I thank God for putting us together and I thank Him for giving you the talents that enabled you to help me.

On a lighter note, I thought of calling the Neurosurgeon who wanted to re-operate on me last August and ask him if he wants to go for a run!…just kidding!

See you at my follow-up appointment in July! We will have just returned from a trip to Zion National Park in Utah and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon when I see you next.

All the best,


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Riley Shea

riley-berkowitz16 year old Riley Shea is all about “boarding”.  He loves extreme sports including skateboarding, snow-boarding andsurfing.  Earlier this year he was skateboarding and fell on his left shoulder.  In a considerable amount of pain, Riley and his parents saw Dr. Gregg Berkowitz in the ER.  He was diagnosed with a fracture of the humerus requiring surgery.  Riley has recovered and is back hitting the waves!  He states Dr. Berkowitz is a really “Cool guy”!

“We felt very confident with Dr. Berkowitz.He explained everything that would be done in surgery.  He reassured us that Riley would not have any permanent damage.”

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Andrew Tess

andrew-nasar-berkowitzDuring a tense moment in the game, 17 year old Andrew jumped up to head the soccer ball and landed twisting his left knee.  As he tried to get up he could not straighten his leg, his knee was locked.  Dr. Alan Nasar diagnosed him with a meniscal tear requiring surgery.  Dr. Nasar performed an arthroscopic meniscus repair with Dr. Berkowitz assisting.  Within a week after surgery Andrew was back to most activities.  Andrew’s parents stated “Andrew is very busy preparing for college next year.  With Dr. Nasar’ s expertise we knew Andrew would recover quickly and finish his Eagle Scout project.”

“Dr. Nasar reassured me that he would have me back on the field and he did!  He provided lots of information and explained everything.  I really trust him”.

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dr-brek-test-8-8-11-lgDear Dr. Berkowitz,

I want to thank you and your staff. I have just completed treatment for a broken ankle. You and everyone in your office were not only professional, but also very caring and courteous. I appreciate the care I received.

I also want to thank the very capable staff at Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold. Charles Archbald, my physical therapist and Chris, who also worked with me on occasion, along with every single staff member I came in contact with – including the PT assistants and the women at the reception desk – made every effort to meet my needs for therapy with skill and friendly encouragement.

In the last twenty years, I have been to half a dozen different physical therapy centers for various reasons. Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold is the best I’ve been to.

My compliments to all. Thanks again.



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