Watch the video to learn how a telemedicine visit helped one of our patients.

How do I participate in TeleVisit?

How do I participate in TeleVisit?

TeleVisit is a convenient and effective way for AOSMI patients to see their healthcare provider. There are three ways that you can participate in a TeleVisit with your provider. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment by contacting our office, you can join either through the email link that is sent to you (a quick and simple process), through the online Patient Portal or through the Healow app on your mobile phone .

Before beginning your TeleVisit, make sure that you:

  • Have an active Patient Portal account, with username and password
  • Set aside a secure, private location
  1. The first step is to call and schedule a TeleVisit with your provider. 

Once you schedule a TeleVisit, you will be sent an email reminder with a link to your patient dashboard.

  1. To begin your TeleVisit, follow these steps: 
  1. “Arrive early” and either click on the email link sent to you, go to the Patient Portal at or login through the Healow app.
  2. Click “Join TeleVisit” in your patient dashboard
  3. Fill out the requested personal information.
  4. Click “Proceed” to check your computer’s speed and ability to support a TeleVisit. If your computer does not have a webcam (most do), you will need to attach one.
  5. Click “Start TeleVisit” to enter the virtual waiting room.
  6. Your physician will begin the face-to-face TeleVisit, and disconnect when the visit ends.

***If you experience any technical problems or have questions about the TeleVisit process, first look at the TeleVisit help file at the bottom left on your Patient Portal. If you still need additional help, we offer free, live chat support, accessible at the bottom of the TeleVisit help page.