Sports Injury Prevention and Management

Injury prevention and management is a vital part of sports medicine. To protect our anatomy we need to understand our physiology, “how our bodies work”. Part of prevention and management is educating yourself on:

31191045_sThe goal is to minimize the damage of an injury and maximize the recovery. This includes warming up, staying hydrated, proper nutrition and supplements, training and conditioning and wearing protective equipment to prevent an injury. Physical Therapy, medication, proper nutrition and supplements, and sometimes surgery, all have their proper place in managing an injury.

To carry out the responsibilities of effective sports management, athletes need to implement the best techniques available and secure knowledge in essential health topics. At AOSMI, our orthopedic specialists provide health resources and share insight about prevention and treatment. We’re ready to serve as a resource for sports management newcomers as well as provide an expert support team for veterans, ensuring all athletic activity is fulfilling, rewarding, and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our practice.


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