sji-1Sacroiliac (SI) Joints are located next to your spine and connects the sacrum, the area right above the tailbone, to the ilium, also known as your hip. Any inflammation or dysfunction in the area of this joint can cause pain. An injection into the SI joint is used to diagnose SI joint dysfunction and provide relief for lower back pain or sciatica symptoms.

How is the SI injection performed? 
A local anesthetic and a steroid, for reducing inflammation, are then administered. A diagnostic needle is guided into the SI joint under fluoroscopy (X ray guidance) and a contrast is injected to ensure proper placement.

A SI injection can be given up to three times a year and will be used in conjunction with physical therapy to work towards regaining normal function while reducing pain.

Once the diagnosis of SI joint dysfunction is confirmed, SI joint radiofrequency neurotomy will be administered to provide longer lasting pain relief. This procedure consists of a radiofrequency probe being inserted at the SI joint to create multiple heat lesions along the capsule.

Signs that you may be suffering from SI joint dysfunction include:

  • Pain in the SI joint region
  • Sciatica pain
  • Pain reproduced in a clinical test that selectively stresses the SI joint

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