psis-1 The Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS) is the section of the hip to which all the major ligaments of the hip attach. A PSIS injection is used to diagnose pain in the PSIS region, usually caused by inflammation or dysfunction in this area of the body. Benefits of the PSIS injection is proper diagnosis of your pain as well as determining what type of treatment you should receive.

How is a PSIS Injection performed?
Under the guidance of fluoroscopy (X ray guidance), a diagnostic needle is placed into the PSIS and a local anesthetic is injected. If during two different occasions you experience more than 50% relief of pain, it is confirmed that the PSIS is the structure generating the pain and typically a radiofrequency PSIS neurotomy is needed to provide longer lasting relief for the PSIS related pain.

What is Radiofrequency PSIS Neurotomy? psis-2

This is a procedure where a radiofrequency probe is inserted into the PSIS region and is used to create multiple head lesions along the area.

For these procedures, a driver will be needed the day-of as a minimal sedation is required.


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