An Epidural is an injection that is used to relieve pain and decrease inflammation. The injection is placed into an area around the spinal cord called the epidural space.

This can be used to treat pain that starts in the:

  • Neck and radiates towards the arms
  • Middle of the back and radiates towards the chest
  • Low back radiating towards the legs

– Or occurres in the tailbone
epi-2How is an Epidural performed?
Once the doctor has determined that an Epidural is right for you, a sterile needle will be placed into the affected area in the middle of the back or neck with the assistance of fluoroscopic guidance, also known as a live X-ray.

To confirm that the needle is in the proper location of the epidural space, a contrast material will be injected, followed by a combination of local anesthetic and a corticosteroid medication after the positioning has been confirmed.


This procedure can be repeated several times a year and provides temporary relief of the back, neck and radiating pain in the legs or arms. Typically patients feel relief 3 or 4 days after the injection.


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