Performing Internal Fixation to Treat Fractures in Freehold and Monroe Township, NJ

Internal Fixation Freehold and Monroe Township NJAdvanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI) is pleased to offer internal fixation for patients in Freehold and Monroe Township, New Jersey. A surgical procedure used to treat fractures, internal fixation involves inserting metal plates, screws, wires, pins, or rods to stabilize broken bone fragments.

Fractures can often be treated by immobilizing the area using a cast, a brace, or a splint. However, in some instances—such as where a bone is broken into multiple pieces, or where the bone fragments are incorrectly positioned—surgery may be necessary to effectively treat the injury.

What Does Surgery Involve?

Surgery to treat a fracture typically involves two steps: open reduction and internal fixation. The surgeon begins by making an incision and moving the bone fragments into proper position (open reduction). Then, once the pieces are realigned, the surgeon will insert metal plates, screws, wires, pins, or rods to hold them in place (internal fixation).

Although it’s only recommended under certain circumstances, internal fixation offers a number of benefits, including a shortened hospital stay and recovery time, as well as a lower risk of improper healing.

Fracture Treatment in Freehold and Monroe Township

If you’ve broken a bone, you can get the care you need at AOSMI. The orthopedic specialists on our team have extensive experience in treating fractures. They can evaluate your injury and recommend a course of treatment that’s appropriate for your needs, whether that involves internal fixation or another treatment method.

Contact AOSMI for more information or visit one of our local facilities—we offer urgent care treatment for non-life-threatening fractures and can usually see patients the same day.