Ruth B

ruth-GrellerDear Dr. Greller,

Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave to me while treating my originally non-union wrist fracture.

I am very grateful for the fine treatment given to me by your from July 7, 2009 in the ER, to March 17, 2010 when I was released. You and your staff were friendly and professional, and as a result, all potential feelings of trauma were never experienced by me.

I am also grateful for the treatment devices given to encourage healing. Thank you once again for your medical expertise and human approach to a very upsetting event in my life.

God bless you
Ruth B.

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Sherry’s Wrist

testimonial-SherryDear Dr. Nasar

Just a note to tell you how well my wrist healed. You treated me in the Emergency Room in the beginning of April. I had fallen and broken two bones in my wrist and my wrist was impacted. I followed up with you a few times after that as well. I must admit I never did the rehab you recommended, but did follow your advice on some of the exercises. But my wrist is pretty much back to normal with hardly any stiffness or limitations! Virtually perfect and given the state it was in when I fell, I am quite surprised. I think I was lucky you were on duty that day in the ER. Thanks for putting it back in place!

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