Visit Our New and Improved Website

Looking for a New Jersey orthopedic surgeon? Check out our new site? Good news: visiting AOSMI just got easier!

After spending some time under serious renovation, our new website is up and running and ready for you to check out! We spared no time or effort in creating a new site that truly represents the Advanced Orthopedics staff and facilities. We wanted you to be able to get to know us via the website, have the opportunity to interact with us and walk away from our page feeling connected to what we do. Therefore, we put everything we have into our new site.

What can you expect?

Our blog has been integrated into the main site and can be found in the articles section. This section is divided into categories based on the specific body parts to make finding the information you are looking for easier. We have also added a number of videos designed to give you a look into exactly what it is we do on a daily basis and to watch our talented team of New Jersey orthopedic surgeons in action.

Additionally, we have added an online appointment maker. This allows you to schedule an appointment from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone and saves you a phone call.

Lastly, we have increased the number of testimonials from those who have had incredible experiences with our orthopedic specialists.

Check us out today at!