Treatment Options for Hand and Wrist Injuries

orthopedic surgeonsAmong patients dealing with joint problems, the hand, wrist, and elbow are common trouble spots. These closely associated parts have many complex functions that can be impaired or even restricted entirely by the pain and discomfort associated with many common conditions. Orthopedic treatments for the hand and wrist can address these issues in a variety of ways. The first and most easily employed methods are non-operative treatments, which restore function without requiring surgical techniques. Long-range treatment plans guide the progress of non-operative care, gradually addressing stress and weakness in the muscles or joints. AOSMI physicians research the latest advances and use the most up-to-date techniques when assisting patients through non-operative orthopedic care to ensure each case includes the most modern and suitable methods.

Beyond non-operative treatment, AOSMI’s expert orthopedic specialists can address hand and wrist issues with surgical procedures: these techniques are most often recommended in cases that include significant trauma or serious wear and tear. Hand and wrist surgeries are especially helpful for patients with major sports injuries. These surgeries can include tendon and ligament repair, artificial joint replacement of the finger, thumb and elbow fusion, and more, each method selected carefully to match each patient’s individual needs. The AOSMI is dedicated to optimal care in every patient interaction: find out more about the practice’s philosophy and hand and wrist capabilities through the online portal or by contacting a company expert.