Top 5 Low Impact Exercises for All Ages


Maybe you’re coming back from an injury, or you have an existing condition that makes impact on your joints unfeasible. Maybe you just want to mix up your workout routine a little. No matter the reason, low impact exercises are an excellent addition to any fitness program at any level of activity, from the beginner to the experienced athlete.

  • Water Exercise. Water exercise is the most fantastic option if you want a low to no-impact workout that is still intense and burns calories. The water supports your body, and most workout classes in the water also employ flotation devices to further cushion you. There are all levels of water exercise available–in groups or even as a solo swimmer–year-round at indoor pools. Best of all, the water helps cool you, so you may find you feel less fatigued than if you had performed the same level of activity out of the water.
  • Walking. It seems so simple, but walking on a smooth flat surface with the right footwear is both low impact and extremely healthy. There are a plethora of new apps dedicated to helping your walk be more interesting and interactive. Other walkers listen to audiobooks or podcasts.
  • Elliptical Machines. If you’re ready to crank up your workout, the elliptical machine provides all the resistance and endurance, with none of the repetitive strain on your joints or feet. Used properly, the elliptical machine can burn 333 calories at a moderate pace in 45 minutes, all without causing pain or damage.
  • Rowing Machines. This old-school piece of equipment is still a staple in every gym for good reason; it works the whole body, tones the upper body, and burns the same calories as an elliptical machine. It is important to have proper form, so if you’re ready to try it out, have a trainer walk you through how to use the equipment.
  • Tai Chi/Yoga. Although these two practices are very different, we’re grouping them together because they provide similar benefits.  Both work to control movement and use planned actions. Tai Chi emphasizes relaxation with constant movement while Yoga emphasizes stillness and frequent pauses, holding poses properly. They can both be used to improve balance, flexibility, and strength.

No matter how active you are, changing your routine and cross training can only benefit your healthy practices. If you’re looking to minimize the impact on your joints and limbs, these options are only the beginning; many more are available. However, if you are having pain during any activity, request an appointment today to speak to an orthopedic specialist about treatment, sports injury, or physical therapy.

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