Three Ways to Destroy Your Knees

Ignore this advice and you're destined to need a NJ orthopedic surgeon. Any orthopedic specialist will confirm that the vast majority of the knee injuries they see on a daily basis could either have been prevented in the first place or treated earlier to prevent serious injury. Unless the idea of joint replacement surgery seems like a good time for you, read on to learn the three most common ways knees can deteriorate. Knowing what to avoid will help you limit your need for New Jersey orthopedic surgeons.

Three Ways to Destroy Your Knees: 

  1. Ignore Consistent Pain: When it comes to preventing serious and lifelong knee injuries, there simply isn’t anything more important than getting any and all knee pain checked out. As a general rule, if the pain in your knee is limiting your ability to do what you normally do, get it looked at. This can prevent a litany of further damage.
  2. Being Overweight: By now, no one is unaware of the dangers of carrying around significantly extra body weight. You knee health is directly related to how much extra weight they are being asked to support.
  3. Poor Follow Through: Should a sports injury result in knee damage, not following through with rehab and rest is an express path towards lifelong knee problems. It is up to you to take your doctor’s orders to heart and complete the physical therapy and rest time that is prescribed. Doing so now will save you decades of trouble later!