Tai Chi in Physical Therapy

tcAOSMI is a foremost authority not only in orthopedic surgery and treatment, but also in comprehensive, holistic health and wellness techniques. Our professionals combine the latest methodologies from the medical community with traditional practices. One of the most effective means for us to help patients maintain balance and ease the symptoms of conditions like arthritis is Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient practice that incorporates controlled, slow movements meant to engage the body in a gradual, restorative manner. Sun Style Tai Chi exemplifies these ideals and can have a wide range of benefits for the dedicated practitioner; among them, improved balance, decreased stress on the joints during other exercise, and overall relaxation of the body and mind.

When used as part of a carefully-designed health and wellness program, Tai Chi can ease the pain of arthritis and relieve joint pain from other causes. Patients experiencing a loss of balance can also restore their sense of equilibrium and cultivate better balance through regular Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi is also a helpful method of speeding post-surgery recovery and managing complications that can result from medical treatments. Beyond these many applications, Tai Chi is suitable for anyone looking to enroll in a fitness program. More information is available through AOSMI’s health and wellness resources.