Start This Season with Sports Medicine Expertise

NCAA gymnastics: FEB 26With spring approaching, outdoor sports will soon arrive in communities across the country. Organized leagues and team sports are already making preparations for an amazing season, while individual athletes are warming up to get into competitive shape for spring and summer activity. Outdoor sports are some of the most rewarding activities for any participant, providing an opportunity for exercise as well as a social event. Staying in good health is important for optimal performance: a primary concern not only for athletes, but also for coaches and sports managers responsible for the welfare of teams overall. To effectively maintain the health of sports enthusiasts, managers need a combination of their own knowledge and the best available external resources.

AOSMI’s online sports medicine information is designed to equip any sports participant, from athlete to manager, with the information they need to make the right decisions for their health. Articles and blog posts on the site contain useful information on common orthopedic conditions, health risks, and even wellness and fitness tips. Local athletes can also reach out to AOSMI’s many orthopedic specialists and sports medicine professionals for answers to any questions and insight on the latest research in the field. Start the season equipped with the best available information here at AOSMI.