Make This The Summer of Sports Leagues

Participating in athletics can offer myriad benefits to your physical and emotional well-being, but sports injuries can be serious business. Wearing proper equipment and understanding how to assess and treat minor injuries helps minimize the risks associated with athletics. In the meantime, why not suit up and hit the field/court/track of your choosing by joining a local recreational league this summer?

Why Join

Get fit having fun
Stay in shape or slim down, all with way more stimulation that your standard treadmill can offer.
Make friends
It can be tough to make friends post college, especially outside the office. Adult sport leagues provide a unique–and fun!–way to bond with people in your community.
Obviously, the point of a sports league isn’t to climb the career ladder. But chances are you’ll meet professionals in your peer group that could make great connections.
Cheer up
Physical activity is a great way to elevate your mood and improve your focus. Lace up and let the endorphins flow!


Jump In!

Locate An Existing League
Many communities already have existing recreational sports leagues. Large national or regional providers can be great for finding more organized leagues. Try WAKA Kickball, National Adult Baseball Association, USA Ultimate for ultimate frisbee, United States Tennis Association, and US Adult Soccer Association. Some sports, like basketball and volleyball, may offer semi-structured pickup games. Infinite Hoops and No Fouls are great places to find open courts or pickup games locally.

Start Your Own League
Not able to find a league in your area? Try starting your own! You can find a great overview of the process here. Take advantage of league organizer software like Sportsvite, which allows you to search for other interested parties in your area and manage leagues virtually. When starting your own league, remember to establish safety standards and make every effort to help all participants minimize their risk of injury.