Rob DeFilippis – Competitive runner, track coach, business owner and Dad

rob-goldbergerOne day after running, Rob who had been dealing with a backache for some time couldn’t move his right foot.  His primary care doctor referred him to Dr. Gerardo Goldberger and found out he had a herniated disc in his lower back. This type of injury can leave some patients in pain and disabled for months or even years.  Rob’s surgery was scheduled for 2 days later.  Rob was on a plane to Italy 4 weeks after surgery, 2 months after he was riding a bike and within 4 months he was running alongside his high school team, coaching them to the Shore Conference Championship in track!

Knowing Dr. Goldberger and his expertise in treating elite athletes I was confident he would get me ‘back on track’ as quickly as possible.

Dr. G is the best, I feel great”