Put Your Best Foot Forward: Podiatry and Orthopedic Health

ankle-fracture-symptoms-225x300Every part of the body requires special care and attention to ensure optimal function and maintain good health, but the feet demand an extra degree of focused care. Feet are under constant stress, supporting the body at its base and controlling the fundamentals of locomotion. AOSMI’s statistics suggest that 80% of adults will experience some type of pain or disability in their feet that affects quality of life. Feet can suffer wear and tear from a wide variety of situations. Many occupations demand that employees stay on their feet for long periods of time: from construction and medical trades to food service, a high percentage of workers spend time on their feet every day. Sports injury and other accidents can also be a major influence on the long-term health of the feet. Even some chronic health conditions can be a concern when it comes to preserving mobility and stability.

AOSMI, one of the foremost orthopedic practices in NJ and a resource for the medical community at large, currently counts multiple experts in podiatry among its acclaimed staff. Our orthopedic specialists can provide insight, identify both short-term problems and long-term concerns, and carry out treatment for a wide variety of possible issues. Browse our pages on podiatry to find out more.