Properly Treating A Bone Fracture

sports injury specialists and fractures Too many people scramble to get to the nearest emergency room at the first sign of a bone fracture. Emergency rooms are exactly where you need to be when experiencing a potentially fatal or abnormally serious injury. All life threatening medical emergencies should be taken directly to the nearest hospital waiting room. For bone fractures, however, a private practice orthopedic specialist can diagnose the problem quickly and offer (and oversee) a comprehensive treatment strategy. The vast majority of the time patients can save themselves endless hours and hundreds of dollars by calling a New Jersey orthopedic surgeon for an immediate appointment.

Advanced Ortho Sports Center’s sports injury specialists can diagnose your bone fracture with onsite X-ray technology before working with you to discuss a thorough treatment plan. Rather than simply casting the broken bone, these specialists will walk you through the possibilities for physical therapy, pain management and any long term or recurring complications. Our urgent care center often can provide a same day appointment and our specialists will see you in a timely fashion for a followup consultation appointment.

The specialists at Advanced Ortho Sports are experienced in treating everything from stress and pathologic fractures to open fractures that include a skin wound. We utilize the most non invasive treatment possible and work to ensure you experience a timely recovery.

Skip the ER and call us today.