Proper Running Form and Your Health

Advanced OrthopedicsAvid runners know it is important to practice proper running form to stay healthy and injury-free on the road, but even the best runners struggle with the ideal posture and gait when feeling fatigue.

Regardless of how long you have been running, you still might find yourself running with less than perfect running form—sometimes even poor running form—no matter how hard you have tried to improve that form. Perhaps you have even found yourself injured once or twice—or like far too many runners, repeatedly mired in injuries—and sidelined from an activity you love, or at least an activity you have come to count on for good fitness.

Consider practicing a few basic techniques to improve your running form. Run with good posture, practicing that posture even while you aren’t running. Keep your head aligned with your spine, in a neutral position. Also, make sure that your shoulders aren’t in a tense position  to keep your spine relaxed and save energy. Support your running by doing core work to avoid any slumping forward during your running. One of the most important aspects of running form is finding the right foot landing, which is just at the front edge of your heel, also known as midfoot strike or midfoot landing.

If you have tried everything to improve your running from and are still struggling with injuries, Advanced Orthopedics can help — get in touch!