Preserving Optimal Joint Health: Help from Orthopedic Specialists

New Jersey Orthopedic Surgeons and Joint Surgery

Our body’s joints are among its most important features. Connecting the body’s bones to facilitate healthy locomotion, joints enable a high degree of mobility and allow us to complete everyday tasks and enjoy active recreation. Though highly capable, joints are delicate and require careful maintenance to stay in optimal condition. The wear and tear of regular motion as well as the toll of aging and the risks posed by injury can all restrict or reduce the function of the body’s joints. The orthopedic specialist team at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute regularly performs procedures to restore joint function and address joint-related concerns. While these procedures are expertly carried out, prevention is the most straightforward way to keep joints in good health.

Weight is a prime cause of joint issues: keeping weight within a healthy range is one of the best things a patient can do for his or her joints. Exercise can help patients manage weight as well as address joint issues on its own: aerobic exercise can reduce joint swelling. Low-impact exercises, such as swimming or biking, can provide this benefit without stressing joints with unnecessary impact. Finally, building muscles with strength training exercises helps to support the joints those muscles surround. This alleviates the burden the body’s joints constantly bear.

Joint health is a major specialty of many doctors at AOSMI, including Dr. James F. Cozzarelli, MD, FAAOS. Dr. Cozzarelli is trusted by his patients to share his insight and explain his specialist knowledge clearly to everyone he can help. Visiting his site or getting in touch with AOSMI are great next steps for those who want to keep their joints in top condition throughout their lives.