Physical Therapy Resources for Athletes

fst-imageThe spring season is a fantastic time for athletes in our region: with winter giving way to longer days and warmer weather, sports enthusiasts both professional and recreational can spend more time enjoying athletic pursuits. Conducting some basic research and continuing to develop sports medicine expertise is a smart choice for anyone engaged in spring athletics, from individual players to teams to the managers who organize leagues and games. At AOSMI, we strive to create a helpful online library for all athletes to prevent injury and minimize risk on the field. Even with the right knowledge, however, the occasional accident does still occur: in this case, AOSMI provides not only information, but solutions.

The athletes who enjoy the longest and most successful careers in their chosen sports are often the best prepared. One of the most effective ways to overcome sports injury is to have a plan in place and a professional ready to assist in the event of an injury. AOSMI’s physical therapy experts are trusted by a diverse community of athletes, from local enthusiasts to players from major teams. Physical therapy is a component of many orthopedic care plans, easing patients into rehabilitation and restoring athletic ability over a gradual period. If you manage or participate in sports at any level, make the smart choice and choose an orthopedic specialist to