Physical Therapy for Athletes

sports-injury-therapySports medicine is a major focus of the team at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute. From preventative care and education to extensive treatment and surgery, our professionals strive to ensure that every patient who visits can enjoy athletic pursuits and lead fulfilling, active lives. While our practitioners are often best regarded for their expertise in surgery, much more than direct treatment goes into the care we provide to our patients. One of the most important ways we can restore athletic ability and rehabilitate sports enthusiasts overcoming injuries is through physical therapy. This essential service in sports medicine and orthopedic care connects patients with coordinated exercise plans designed to help speed recovery, prevent issues during the healing process, and create lasting comfort during and beyond the treatment process.

Physical therapy is a primary treatment for numerous conditions, including sprains or strains from on-field accidents, tendonitis and bursitis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and more. It can also be a major benefit for office workers and those in tech professions who experience carpal tunnel syndrome. A wide range of possible treatment modalities is in use at AOSMI, with skilled practitioners employing the latest and best-reviewed techniques in the field. If you need physical therapy or simply want to know more about your options, contact our orthopedic specialists today.