Nutrition Guidance At AOSMI

nutrition education from orthopedic specialists The orthopedic specialists at AOSMI are firm believers in treating the body as a whole, interconnect entity. Everything you put in your body affects what it does and how it functions. By now everyone knows to “eat right and exercise often.”  We intellectually understand that eating a balanced diet is crucial to keeping our bodies in optimal condition. Despite knowing this, many of us still are unsure what a balanced diet actually looks like.

AOSMI’s Integrative Wellness Center has a team of specialists to assist you. Our center offers weight management and nutrition counseling services. Athletes looking to recover from a sports injury faster will find that improvements in their diet can greatly help. Those living with chronic conditions will be surprised to learn that simply adding certain foods to their daily intake can vastly reduce symptoms. Those recovering from surgery are often shocked to discover how simple it is to speed up healing time with proper nutrition. Those struggling with the joint pain that comes with being overweight will appreciate the kind and loving guidance from our specialists. Even those simply looking to improve their quality of life will love the ideas we offer.

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