Meet Doctor Cozzarelli

new jersey orthopedic surgeon, dr cozarelli Meet Doctor James F. Cozzarelli, our board certified surgeon.

After completing his residency in orthopedic surgery at George Washington University, Dr. Cozarelli moved on to an internship in the same field and has become one the leading New Jersey orthopedic surgeons specializing in hand and wrist surgery. His expertise has led him to become a member of prestigious organizations like the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the American Medical Association, and the New Jersey Medical Society. Today, he operates as one of our team of specialists and is the Orthopedic Medical Director at CareOne in Jackson, New Jersey.

Dr. Cozzarelli’s passion lies in endoscopic carpal tunnel syndrome surgery. He has undergone extensive training in this surprisingly non-invasive procedure that is changing the way the medical profession treats carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. Endoscopic surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves two tiny incisions off the palm of the hand. These incisions are generally less than 5mm in length. The beauty of this technique is the fact that patients don’t leave with unsightly scars and can generally return to work within the same week. The healing process is simple, quick and noticeably void of complications. The most commonly practiced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery is known as endoscopic segway surgery.

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