Maria D

goldbergtest-enlargeDr. Goldberger,

Excellence deserves recognition. Excellent describes the caliber of care I received from you and your associates in being treated for a fractured ankle. My mobility improved vastly and rapidly and you deserve recognition for making that possible. Thank you for being extremely thorough in detecting the numerous fractures that led you to cast my ankle and for ensuring that the bones were in correct alignment at all times. How delightful that you are a perfectionist! I am convinced that I would not have obtained these wonderful results without your expert and meticulous work. I was very fortunate to be cared for by an excellent physician.

Your inclusion of physical therapy in my rehabilitation is also very much appreciated. I believe that it made a dramatic difference in the speed and extent of my recovery. Everyone in Physical Therapy was very helpful, but Charles Archibald’s excellence particularly deserves recognition. Like you, Charles possesses a calm and reassuring manner, which helps considerably when dealing with a complex injury. He is extremely knowledgeable and continually adapted the physical therapy to my rapidly improving condition. Charles was encouraging while simultaneously challenging me to do my best. His dedication and diligence helped me regain mobility remarkably quickly. The results are far better than I could have achieved without him. I was very fortunate to be cared for by an excellent physical therapist. There was a synergy created by having the physicians and the physical therapists in the same facility that was very beneficial.

Everyone facilitated my recovery in some way and to all I say “thank you”. I have already recommended your group and will continue to do so. Best wishes for success in the future.


Maria D.