Marathon Training: On The Move With A Mission

Running a marathon is an incredible undertaking requiring discipline, passion, and lots and lots of preparation. For all the hard work that goes into preparing your body to run a marathon, the sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line–for the first time or the fiftieth–is unmatched. If you are new to marathon training, take these suggestions to ensure that you train smart and effectively.

  • Start Where You Are. It is difficult to train appropriately when you aren’t aware of your current skill level. If you are brand new to running, check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for this sort of exercise and let him or her help you determine an appropriate starting level of intensity. Pushing yourself too hard, too fast can lead to a sports injury.
    1. Have a Plan and Stick to It. There are plenty of apps and online resources to give runners of all ability levels an effective and appropriate training schedule. This plan will be more than just how much you run and how often. Break your goal of running a marathon into smaller goals you can prepare for, such as running a 5K or half marathon.
  • Fuel Properly with Good Nutrition. Even if you are running in part to achieve weight loss, it is important to increase your intake of calories when training to avoid fatigue and muscle loss. Be sure your calorie expenditure (including running) is about the same as your caloric intake. Also, make sure you are eating the optimal amount of protein and other nutrients for your body size, age, and gender.
  • Listen to Your Body. Running can take a heavy toll on the bones and joints. If you are experiencing pain, don’t try to tough it out. An unaddressed injury could not only derail your marathon aspirations; it can necessitate surgery, missed work time, and other adverse consequences.

If you have experienced pain while running, an experienced orthopedic specialist at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute can help determine the exact nature of your issue. Request an appointment with us today to get back to your fitness routine as soon as possible.

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