Joint Replacement: Treatment Options

joint-replacementArthritis is one of the most common reasons patients reach out to our experts for advice and treatment. This painful and sometimes debilitating condition wears away the smooth cartilage that lines the body’s joints. Without this cartilage, joints cannot move as smoothly, restricting the body’s mobility and sometimes causing pain or discomfort. Arthritis most commonly affects the hips, knees, and shoulders: all critical points that are responsible for a great degree of the body’s natural function and agility. For problems that affect these areas, joint replacement surgery is often a smart solution. Non-operative treatments can address more minor concerns and restore natural mobility when a patient’s joints are damaged, but joint replacement is often the most sensible and long-term treatment for severe arthritis complications.

At AOSMI, talented orthopedic surgeons lead the field in joint replacement surgeries. Many types of replacements are regularly conducted onsite, including minimally invasive total knee and hip replacements, shoulder replacement, shoulder resurfacing, and total ankle replacement. AOSMI’s team members begin each procedure with expert research using the latest diagnostic tools and techniques. The practice’s fellowship-trained surgeons then carry out careful procedures that allow for rapid recovery and enduring relief from medical concerns. Learn more about joint replacement and schedule an appointment with an AOSMI surgeon today.