Is Carpal Tunnel Threatening Your Job?

Visit a NJ Orthopedic Surgeon for relieve from Carpal Tunnel SyndromeMost of us take for granted how important our wrists and hands are. We give them very little thought as long as they are not causing pain or discomfort. We rarely consider the toll our lives take on these joints and muscles. It’s not until we suddenly find ourselves having trouble gripping a door handle or completing our day to day tasks at work that we start to realize how much we depend on these muscles.

For those experiencing numbness or tingling in their fingers, pain in the wrist or an inability to grasp a phone, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome might be the cause and the effects can be devastating. For many of us, our very livelihoods depend on our fine motor skills. Whether we work on computers, assemble parts or use tools, a sudden inability to utilize our wrists, fingers and hands properly can be catastrophic. Before you panic, call an orthopedic specialist to diagnose the problem.

Using advance imaging techniques, New Jersey orthopedic surgeons can easily diagnose Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and get you on your way to a pain free work day. AOSMI’s team of specialists is up to date on the latest surgical and non-surgical carpal tunnel treatment techniques. Our staff will go over the pros and cons of each option carefully with you and help you decide upon a course of action that makes sense to everyone.

Don’t let wrist pain derail your career. Call us today to learn how to solve the problem quickly.