How to Take Care of Your Body through the Winter

15589194_lJust like people with cars and boats “winterize” their respective vehicles, it is just as important for people to prepare their own bodies for the harsh rigors that winter conditions often dole out. In the annual battle against everything from cold and flu concerns to maintaining healthy bones, there are many ways to take care of your body through the winter.

Eat Nutritious Foods and Add Supplements, If Necessary

Fortifying your body works to help prevent and combat colds, as well as helping to keep bones strong and healthy, so a good diet is the foundation of staying healthy through winter. Instead of reaching for those highly tempting comfort foods that pack on fat more than offering any nutritional benefits, reach for vegetables, fruits and whole grains to. Get plenty of vitamin C to help fight colds and vitamin D to stave off bone injuries in case of falls on the ice. Don’t forget to take in some natural vitamin D on sunny winter afternoons, as well as getting in some exercise, by heading outdoors.

Exercise to strengthen Your Bones and Your Immune System

The stronger and fitter you are, the better you will manage to avoid a bone break if you slip on the ice. Strengthening your bones year-round is ideal for helping prevent breaks that will take you out of commission for several months. Whether you are an athlete, an active senior, or anyone in between, you should make sure you keep your bones in good health with orthopedic care. Professionals like those at Advanced Orthopedics will help you prevent injury or, if you have a winter accident on the ice, recover quickly and effectively. Orthopedic professionals will encourage you to take walks, strength train and participate in regular weight-bearing activities to stay healthy.