How to Ease Hand Cramps at Work

In today’s digital age, most people type on a keyboard every day as they work and stay in touch with family and friends. A hand cramp makes typing challenging, but several strategies successfully ease the discomfort.

hand injuryAssume the Correct Typing Position

Placing the keyboard at a level slightly below the user’s elbows keeps the typist’s wrists in a neutral position. An ergonomic wrist rest and relaxed shoulders, arms, wrists and mouse grip may also relieve a cramp.

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Take a Break

Taking a break until the cramp subsides isn’t always possible. However, short breaks every hour can reduce cramps and give typists time to try relief strategies.

Apply Heat

A warm compress or warm water may relax the hand’s muscles and make stretching and massage easier.

Gently Stretch and Massage the Hand

Extending and stretching the fingers and gently massaging the cramped spot may help the discomfort go away.

Squeeze a Ball

Small stress or hand exerciser balls relax hand muscles and relieve cramps. These tools also strengthen the hand muscles and may prevent future cramps.

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Wear a Splint

While it supports the hand and wrist, a splint also makes typing through a cramp easier.

Try Medication

Analgesic or muscle relaxant medication might provide temporary relief and make typing with a hand cramp easier.

See a Doctor

Certain health conditions, including arthritis and carpal tunnel, cause cramps while typing. A consultation with Advanced Orthopedics can identify the cramp’s source and effective treatments that ultimately make typing easier.