How Physical Exercise Can Help Headaches


Suffering from chronic headaches and scared to exercise? When a headache hits, exercise is often the last thing on your mind. It seems counterintuitive to get up and move around when everything in your head is pounding. While understandable, new research from NJ pain management specialists shows that exercise might be exactly the thing that will offer a much-needed respite from the pain.

Dr. Nabih Ramdan, chair of the National Headache Foundation, explains why.

For those with chronic headaches, especially those suffering from migraines, new research shows the regular physical movement can reduce headache frequency and help alleviate the pain once a headache starts. For the best results, here are some quick guidelines.

Exercise Tips For Headache Prevention and Relief

Morning Workouts: Working out in the morning, rather than at night, gives your body the chance to wind down after the workout and before bed. Those who work out at night run the risk of negatively affecting sleep patterns and suffering from exhaustion-based headaches.

Low Impact Works Best: Avoid high impact exercise like kickboxing or running as these run the risk of aggravating the headache or bringing a migraine on. Stick to low impact workouts, such as walking and swimming.

Make It A Regular Part of Your Routine: As with any preventative technique, the key is consistency. To see a significant reduction in headaches, you will need to get moving regularly. The generally recommended regularity is three times a week for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

If you’ve incorporated these tips and are still experiencing regular and life-impeding headaches, call the NJ pain management specialists at AOSMI to discuss your symptoms and learn how our pain management techniques can help. Call today to schedule a consultation.