Growing Your Own Vegetables This Autumn


With the summer holidays coming to a close, you might find yourself wondering how you can spend your spare time. One thing to consider, would be to start growing your own vegetables. If this is your first time making a vegetable garden, keep in mind to start small as to not overwhelm yourself. Having your own garden is not only a fun way to pass time, its gives you a real sense of accomplishment. You get to literally reap the rewards.

  • Why Autumn?: Although summer might be considered by some, the peak of vegetable gardening season, fall is also a great contender for that title. During fall, the weather is much more milder than the sweltering summer. Therefore, devoiding you of the excuse that it’s ‘too hot’ to garden. With the breeze constantly blowing insects are kept away from your crops. Vegetables that prefer wetter conditions or even cooler temperatures will thrive during autumn. Most importantly, you’ll be able to have the much sought after ‘moist, but well-draining’ soil.
    • Spring Fall Cleaning: Before you can even start to think about which vegetables you plan on planting, you have to make sure your garden is ready for crops. Remove any and all weeds, crops that have died out, and any fruits or vegetables that may have fallen off old plants. Get rid of old mulch to freshen up the soil, and consider using straw as your vegetable garden mulch.
    • Ready Your Soil: Make sure to loosen up your soil so that the plant roots can move around and for water to reach said roots. Feel free to make some changes to your soil, by adding some compost, manure, or fertilizer when loosening the soil. Just remember to make sure that the surface is even, this can be done by raking out your soil. Raking will also break up any clumps and makes channels to catch water in.
  • Winter is Coming: When gardening in the fall, you cannot forget about winter if you want your crops to survive past the season. Think about getting your frost protection structures ready now so that if winter comes early you aren’t rushing around protecting your crops. Early preparation will also ensure that the plants and roots will grow around cold frames or hoop covers.

Even though gardening can be considered a leisurely hobby accidents can happen. If you find that you are experiencing any aches or strains because of gardening, contact a NJ pain management specialist. Make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist at the Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Institute today.