Freedom From Back Pain Through Epidural Steroid Injections

spinal injections and sports injuries Did you know that the word “epidural” literally means “around the spinal cord?” Most have heard the term and have been programmed to immediately think of childbirth. Few understand the enormous relief epidural injections can have on back injuries and chronic pain.

The orthopedic specialists at Advanced Ortho Sports have undergone extensive training in the use of epidural steroid injections. Our specialists will use targeted spinal injections to diagnose and treat your spinal time. These injections to the mid or lower back often work to prevent patients from needing more aggressive surgical treatments. These injections are performed onsite by our board certified New Jersey orthopedic surgeons. There’s no prolonged recovery period. Results and relief can often be felt the same day. Additionally, there aren’t scars or wounds.

What to know more about epidural spine injections? Here are the important details.

Epidural Spinal Injection Procedure: 

  1. The skin will be cleaned and injected with a numbing agent.
  2. Our orthopedic specialist will insert a needle through the skin, toward the spine.
  3. An machine will produce an x-ray video called a fluoroscopy. This is how the doctor will know where to move the needle.
  4. A contrast dye will be injected to allow the doctor to be sure the needle is in the right place.
  5. Once the needle is in position, the doctor will inject a steroid solution into the epidural space. This will likely cause rapid relief.

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