Five Ways To Have A Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean giving up completely on healthy living. Try these five simple tips. Not only will they make for a healthier celebration, they’re likely to leave you feeling more energized and awake, so you can enjoy the holiday even more.



Create Active Traditions

Make it a point to work physical activity into your holiday get togethers. Even something as simple as morning and evening walks can be beneficial to your physical health–and to your relationships.


Eat Breakfast

Trying to “save up” your appetite for a big meal later is a bad idea. It can lead to overeating and crankiness–and the last thing you want to be on Thanksgiving Day is irritable. Have a light breakfast that includes plenty of protein and fiber. It’ll help you make it through any meal delays smiling, and help provide the willpower to make smarter choices when filling up your plate later.


Keep Portions in Perspective

Portion control can be rough on Thanksgiving, especially if the pressure is on to try everyone’s “special dish.” Avoid hurt feelings and unhealthy servings by using smaller dishes that make “just a bite” of anything look more substantial.


Drink Responsibly

It’s easy to pile on the calories in liquid form, especially with alcoholic beverages. Be conscious of how much you’re having, and don’t forget to factor in those extra calories when considering dessert.


Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget the H2O! Staying hydrated is a good way to cut down on mindless snacking. It’ll help you feel more awake, too!


We hope these help! We’re so grateful to our patients, and to everyone else who follows us on social media or via the blog–it’s the commitment of people like you to leading healthier, better lives that inspires us. Have a great holiday season!