Dr. Alan Nasar Talks With Hillel Yeshiva Students As Part of School’s Health Week

Dr Alan Nasar

Dr. Alan Nasar, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and physician at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, spoke with the third and seventh graders at Hillel Yeshiva elementary school on February 27, 2017, as part of the school’s annual health week activities. Rabbi Avi Bodlander, Assistant Principal at Hillel Yeshiva, introduced Dr. Nasar to the students. For the third-graders, Dr. Nasar gave a talk on bones, safety tips, and fracture healing. He even placed the cast on one of the children for demonstration.

For the seventh graders, Mr. Dowling, science teacher, brought in a full-size skeleton and Dr. Nasar reviewed the names of the bones on the skeleton. He also discussed treatment of fractures with casting, external fixation and open reduction, and internal fixation. He then narrated a surgical video demonstrating total knee replacement. At the conclusion, there was an enthusiastic question and answer session. Both classes were very excited about the subject matter.

At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Ruth Katz, Head of School, thanked Dr. Nasar for his long-standing commitment to Hillel Yeshiva and his attendance at health week for multiple consecutive years.

“It is important to teach our children at an early age how their body works and how to keep it healthy,” said Dr. Alan Nasar. “It helps them decrease their chance of injury and may inspire the children to become the next generation of physicians.”

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