Common Injuries For Those With Arthritis


Arthritis, or osteoarthritis, can be an incredibly painful and complicated condition. While most often affecting the elderly population, sports medicine specialists are starting to see arthritis popping up in younger and younger patients. This is likely the result of increased amounts of time spent in athletics and a decrease in proper dietary habits. Regardless of your age, there are a number of injuries to be on the lookout for if you’re living with arthritis.21117101_l


  • Falling: Falling is the number one cause of injury in those with arthritis. Because of the brittleness of the bones, a slight fall can cause everything from a hip injury that requires replacement to rotator cuff repair Be sure to take proper precautions when walking or engaging in physical activity — especially in poor weather conditions.
  • Sports Injuries: Sports injuries are common in those with weakened bones causing injuries such as: stress fractures, hairline fractures, and impingement. As with falling, the weakened state of the bones leaves the patient susceptible to far greater injury during an athletic accident than their non-arthritic counterparts. Taking the time to warm up properly before each and every practice and game is critical in keeping your bones healthy and injury free.
  • Hip Injuries: Hip replacement surgery is one of the leading reasons arthritis sufferers call to request an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. Hip injuries, again, are most common in the elderly population but can occur in younger patients with severely weakened bones. These injuries usually result from a fall, but can also be the result of an athletic accident.
  • Joint and Cartilage Damage: Joint and cartilage injuries are another common injury in arthritis sufferers, especially those with osteoarthritis. Given that the condition causes breakdowns in the joint and cartilage areas of these patients, tendonitis and other similar conditions are more likely to occur in this population than others.


The key to living a happy and independent life with arthritis is employing the help of an experienced orthopedic specialist and sports injury doctors. The team of doctors at AOSMI in New Jersey is dedicated to ensuring health and optimal quality of life for all of our patients. Call us today for a consultation with our doctors.