Common Causes of Foot Injuries

Advanced OrthopedicsFoot injuries often occur when the feet are subjected to vigorous and repetitive overuse or trauma resulting from auto or work accidents. Prolonged standing on inflexible surfaces or excessive running can inflame the plantar fasciitis tissues that extend to form the foot’s arch. Injury to the medial longitudinal arch, one of three arches vital to supporting the foot, may happen when the arch suffers an abnormal twisting motion or the posterior tibialis muscle is injured and fails to provide extraneous support to the MLA. An overworked MLA muscle can also cause foot pain known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, which is accompanied by poor arch support and general foot fatigue during intense physical activity.

Because the foot has hundreds of tiny bones and masses of soft tissues, a successful approach to foot pain demands accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment methods provided by Advanced Orthopedics. We specialize in conservative and surgical treatments that are client-focused and consistent with orthopedic protocol involving therapeutic massage, acupuncture, steroid injections or shock wave therapy, an innovative treatment specifically designed to relieve heel pain.

Top-flight orthopedic surgeons at Advanced Orthopedics can also perform several types of foot surgeries to restore normal functioning of the feet and relieve pain so that clients no longer need to take medications, wear casts or suffer gait problems that may cause other musculoskeletal conditions.