Can Alkaline Water Help You Heal?


There is an ongoing debate about whether alkaline water can be beneficial in assisting individuals with the healing processes of the body. Though it is suggested to have some health benefits, there is no scientific evidence to prove that alkaline water is of therapeutic value, specifically with bone health.

Many people discuss the potential benefits of alkaline water as opposed to basic drinking water.  There have been claims about its various therapeutic effects, but there are no studies to confirm that alkaline water can, in fact, help you heal. There are more studies that suggest the potential negative effects of alkaline water.  These effects include:

  • Poisonous reactions
  • Reduction in gallbladder processes
  • Reduction in stomach acidity used to kill bacteria
  • Heart problems

There have also been claims made on the effects of alkaline water on bone resorption, the process where old bone cells are broken down and replaced by new ones.  Supporters of alkaline water claim it reduces bone resorption by increasing the mineral density in bones, thereby increasing overall bone strength. Yet, these findings are only based on a study of thirty women. It is also uncertain whether alkaline water can reduce bone resorption in the long term.  Other claims suggest alkaline water can prevent disease processes, but strong evidence finds the opposite to be true in the prevention of osteoporosis.  

Overall, alkaline water has not been proven to help heal individuals. However, an orthopedic specialist can assist individuals by developing a strategy toward healing and promoting long-term bone health. Contact AOSMI to schedule an appointment to learn what our team of specialists can do for you.