Bunions: Bigger Than They Look

new jersey orthopedic surgeons can help with bunions At the simplest level, bunions are a deformed growth in a bone at the base of the big toe. Aside from being visually unattractive, bunions can make it almost unbearable to wear shoes, walk any real distance or carry on with your usual activities. As summer approaches us, many are looking down and feeling the pain. Perhaps you are in this situation and have finally reached a place of readiness to call an orthopedic specialist. New Jersey orthopedic surgeons treat bunions every day and are on top of the latest treatments, surgical or otherwise.

When it comes to recovering from surgery for bunions, physical therapy is your ticket to mobility. We found this excellent video that shows just one of the many ways that stretching can help with bunion surgery recovery. Watch and learn. Practice before surgery to be prepared!