Bringing Your Direct to Consumer Genetic Test Results to a Professional


In recent years, several companies have begun offering genetic testing to people interested in better understanding their ancestry and health, and with most offering comprehensive resources for interpreting these results constructively and appropriately. Even so, if you’re a recipient of genetic testing results, you may want to consider to bringing them to a medical professional. Here’s why:


Continuity: A professional can work with you to incorporate your test results–and their implications for what conditions you could be at risk for, how you metabolize medications, etc.–into a long reaching plan towards better health. Happy doctor talking to patient in clinic


Optimal Performance: If you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance and break through those frustrating plateaus, showing a medical professional your test results can give them extra insight into how they can help you “break through.”


Weight Management: Weight management is a struggle for many Americans. It can be hard to figure out what will really work best for you without leaving you feeling tired or cranky. A medical professional can use the personal insight offered by test results to recommend a program best suited to your body.


Risk: Whether you’re weighing your own risk for certain conditions, or looking ahead to see what traits you may pass on to your kids, it’s good to speak with a professional to help ensure you have a complete idea of just how high your relative risk level is.


Our team includes New Jersey orthopedic surgeons, wellness professionals, sports medicine experts, nutritionists, and more. We’re happy to consult on any genetic testing results and determine the best treatment or prevention plan for you. To learn more, request an appointment.