Ainslie Brown

ainsley-goldbergThis accomplished equestrian breeds, rides, and competes with her horses.  One day in June she was riding when her horse became startled, bucked, and sent Ainslie into the air.  Ainslie was in incredible pain.  She could not walk or stand.  Arriving at the hospital, Ainslie met Dr. Grigory Goldberg, her back was broken in several places, there was concern she would never walk again.  The severe pain ended with the surgery Dr. Goldberg performed.  Ainslie was sitting in a chair the 2nd day after surgery and was walking the 3rd day.

“I had to lie flat in bed for 5 days before the surgery could be done.  They were the most horrible days of my life.  Dr. Goldberg saved my life.  I believe without him I wouldn’t ever get back to showing and riding my horses again.  My horses are my life!”