Sprain Your Ankle? Receive Treatment in Manalapan, NJ

Female runner kneeling on the track and holding her painful sprained ankle

The ankle joint is formed by the lower leg bones (fibula and tibia) and a foot bone (talus). The bones are held firmly in place by three strong ligaments. An ankle sprain occurs when one of those ligaments is stretched beyond its normal capacity, possibly to the point of tearing. This can happen if the ankle “rolls” outward in a fall and the joint is forcefully bent toward the ground.

While a minor ankle sprain may heal on its own in a few days, you should see a physician right away if you cannot support any weight on your injured ankle, or if it is bruised, swollen, stiff, or too painful to walk on. You can see an experienced foot and ankle specialist at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI) near Manalapan, New Jersey. After evaluating your injury, your physician at AOSMI can determine if a fracture is present and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. In addition to helping you heal, the goal of treatment is to help prevent complications of an ankle sprain, such as arthritis, instability, and chronic pain.

How Can an Ankle Sprain Be Treated?

In most cases, the mainstay of ankle sprain treatment is “PRICE” therapy, which includes:

  • Protection – Crutches, a cane, or another walking aid can be used to shift weight away from the sprained ankle.
  • Rest – Unnecessary ankle movement can delay healing.
  • Ice applications – To ease pain and swelling, an ice pack can be applied as needed.
  • Compression – An elastic wrap can be worn to support the injured ankle and further reduce swelling.
  • Elevation – The sprained ankle should be elevated above heart level whenever possible to promote the drainage of fluid away from the damaged tissues.

For a severe ankle sprain or a torn ligament, we may suggest that you wear a walking boot or cast for several weeks to protect the damaged ligament as it heals. As your pain subsides, you can begin performing gentle exercises, such as slowly rotating your ankle, to help restore your flexibility and range of motion.

If you have an ankle sprain, contact AOSMI today to request an appointment with a foot and ankle doctor near Manalapan, NJ.