Bone Fracture Treatment Available in Jackson, NJ

Bone Fracture Treatment Jackson NJIf you are seeking bone fracture treatment in the Jackson, New Jersey, area, consider turning to the professionals at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced physicians who are specialized in caring for pediatric and adult fractures and injuries. They can provide you with prompt and personalized care that is aimed to help heal your injury and restore your mobility. The best part? AOSMI can do this for a lot less that it would cost for you to make a trip to a hospital emergency room.

The signs of a bone fracture (broken bone) are often easy to identify, and include swelling, tenderness, pain with use of the injured area, and in more severe cases, deformity or open wounds. At AOSMI, our treatment of a bone fracture usually begins with diagnostic testing, including X-rays, and if further detail is needed, CT scans. Once the fracture is diagnosed, a non-operative treatment is usually our first avenue, and may involve immobilizing the fracture using a cast, brace, or splint, or realigning the broken bone before immobilization.

If non-operative treatments are proven ineffective, your doctor may need to perform one of our advanced surgical procedures, which include:

  • Internal fixation – Stabilization of the fracture using metal plates, screws, wires, pins, or rods
  • Open reduction – Realignment of broken bones after opening up the fracture
  • Emergency treatment – If bone breaks through the skin, our board-certified surgeons will rinse and stabilize the fracture

For additional information about the bone fracture treatment we provide to those in the Jackson, NJ, area, contact Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute today.