Sports Nutrition 101 From Advanced Ortho Sports

19845815_lSports Nutrition is the first frontier towards better overall health. Understanding how the body works and how foods influence day to day functioning and recovery is vital to a lifetime of optimal health.

Accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, our nutritionist specializes in weight management, medical nutrition therapy, food allergy management and lifecycle nutrition. Our nutritionist has developed a weight management program for the Advanced Wellness clientele that works to define specific and manageable objectives. Weekly nutrition education helps keep patients on track. Set up an appointment today to learn more.

Nutrition Therapy For Orthopedic Patients

Nutrition therapy is designed to give patients healthy eating tips and the tools necessary to assist with their recovery process. Our licensed professionals will explain how to improve recovery time and the lasting effectiveness of the treatments by changing what is eaten and by adding nutritional supplements.

Working with clients on an individual basis to learn about their medical history, our nutritionist examines their records and works with patients to devise a sports nutrition therapy plan to aid what the center’s orthopedic surgeons are doing. She follows up with each client on a regular basis to monitor whether goals are being achieved. Call to schedule an evaluation with our nutritionist and learn how your diet can do a world of difference for your recovery.

Nutrition Education: Knowledge Is Power

AOSMI’s nutrition education programs give clients the power to know what will help or hinder their progress. So much of what we eat is a matter of habit and few of us actually understand how the food we eat truly affects our bodies. Therefore, we offer weekly nutrition education courses to educate clients on the power of food and nutritional supplements.

Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey

We can guide patients through the trials of weight management with a program that is tailored to each patient’s individualized needs. Weight has a huge impact on your overall health so call to set up a consultation and start on the road to healthy and happy living.

To learn more about Sports Nutrition at AOSMI, contact us today.