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Mr. Connolly Knee Replacement by Dr. Michael Greller Testimonial
Michael C had a bilateral knee replacement done late February 2017 and only about 1 month after surgery, Michael is able to move better and is even doing a dance in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Here Michael is 6 more »

Are My Knuckles Bruised?
As far as durable bones go in the hand, the knuckles are by far the most resilient, but even the strongest of knuckles are susceptible to bruising. There are 27 bones, and 29 joints in the human hand, but how more »

A Doctor Gets A New Knee – How this physician handled his knee problem.
A Doctor Gets A New Knee – How this physician handled his knee problem. William Kohlberg, M.D. For decades I stayed fit for tennis and skiing by speed walking on a treadmill. But towards the end of 2015 my right more »

Gentle Exercises for Post Op Patients
Physical therapy plays a critical role in every healing journey. It is important to stay active and most patients report quicker healing when physical therapy is included in the treatment plan. A strategic exercise routine is imperative to your healing more »

Demystifying Broken Ankles
An ankle fracture is a very common injury in children and adults. A debilitating injury, broken or fractured ankles can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint, and some people may go weeks without knowing their ankle needs professional medical attention. Ankle more »

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