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orthopedic specialist This week, we’re continuing our physician spotlight with Dr. Manuel Banzon. Dr. Banzon is a founding member of Advanced Orthopedics and practices general orthopedic care with us. Being a founding member means that Manuel is our most senior member and brings the greatest degree of experience to the center. Therefore, we are incredibly proud to introduce our patients to this orthopedic specialist!

Dr. Banzon is board-certified in orthopedic surgery and specializes in total joint replacement, arthoscopy, fracture and trauma care. Sport injuries are Manuel’s passion and he has become an avid user of computer guided surgical techniques for ACL reconstructions, shoulder and joint surgeries. The use of computers during surgical procedures gives our New Jersey orthopedic surgeons greater accuracy, clarity of vision and allows for the least invasive surgical procedures possible. Dr. Banzon is one of the few New Jersey orthopedic surgeons to offer minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries. These use small two inch incisions and result in decreased pain and recovery time. The vast majority of Dr. Banzon’s patients recover in record time, far less time than it takes to recover from a traditional hip replacement procedure.

Dr. Banzon’s example gives everyone at AOSMI confidence in the latest technological advances and optimism for the continued progression of non-invasive surgical techniques. Visit his page then give Dr. Banzon a call to schedule a consultation.

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